Preparing for your New Student Conference

10 tips before going to your New Student Conference

  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes. This honestly might be the most important tip of all! Ditch your uncomfortable flats for a pair of adidas sneakers or cute sandals! Trust me, you’ll thank me later on this one.
  2.  Don’t Overdress. The majority of students will be wearing casual T-shirts and shorts, so no need to overdress. The day is filled with a ton of walking, conferences, and Texas
    heat. I suggest wearing a T-Shirt and shorts. Cute can still be comfy! Keep in mind, you will be taking your ID picture this day, but it is a pretty close up headshot so you don’t see much of your outfit anyways!
  3.  Download the TAMU Mobile App. This App will become your closest friend on campus whether you are looking for places to eat, bus routes, or just need to see a campus map. It can’t hurt to download it early because chances are it will be helpful during your New Student Conference.
  4. Step out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to ask questions during your New
    Student Conference. There will be staff and volunteers left and right that can help you with whatever you need, that’s what they are there for. Your NSC is also the perfect time to meet other freshman Aggies! You may meet people who live in your same dorm or apartment, or even have the same major and classes as you. It’s always comforting to see a familiar face on campus, and this is the perfect opportunity to start building friendships.
  5.  Bring a Water Bottle. The day of your New Student Conference will be a long one so you definitely want to ensure you are staying hydrated. Texas A&M has a ton of spots in The Memorial Student Center and Rudder for you to refill your bottle throughout the day.
  6. Book your Accommodations far in advance. Hotels in College Station can get really expensive the more last minute you book, especially on busy weekends when thousands of freshman are coming to town! Make sure you think ahead on booking a hotel to ensure you get the best prices. There is also limited availability for students and family to stay on-campus during your New Student Conference, but this is on a first-come first- serve basis and tends to fill quickly.
  7.  P.O. Box Rental. If you’re living on campus, you may want to rent a mailbox so family and friends can mail you packages or letters. They aren’t too expensive, and definitely worth the money in my opinion! If you have a friend you are comfortable sharing a mailbox with, you can split the cost and share one. Many on campus apartments have mailing services already, so this is only necessary if you live in a dorm and want to receive mail.
  8. Do Your Homework. During your New Student Conference, you will be registering for classes – which can be very stressful. But, as long as you come prepared, there will be nothing to worry about! I highly suggest looking up professor ratings for the courses you will be taking. Make sure you have back up courses in mind in case you don’t get your first choice. Lastly, keep in mind the location of your classes when registering. Texas A&M has a very large campus, and with only 20 minutes between classes you want to ensure you have ample time to get to your next class.
  9.  Get to know the town. This is a perfect opportunity for you to explore Aggieland a little bit, especially if it is your first time in College Station! I discovered Aggieland Outfitters the week of my NSC – and was so glad they had everything I needed in terms of game day gear, Aggie apparel, and back to school essentials! You also want to check out the newly renovated Century Square for a ton of good eats options.
  10.  Don’t Worry too much and HAVE FUN! While your New Student Conference may seem overwhelming, everyone is in the same boat as you. There are so many people there to help and support you along the way, so don’t forget to have fun. As cliché as it sounds, college really does fly by, so take advantage of every moment during your time at Texas A&M because you only get to live it once!

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