5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Friendsgiving

D016B337-9AC2-4D0B-9422-0B3B2DAD23CEAn abundance of food…and wine! 

Make a sign up list with your friends a couple weeks in advance, this way you won’t end up with 10 dishes of mashed potatoes but no green bean casserole! It is also proper etiquette for the host to prepare the turkey. If you’ve never made one before, you can always look into buying one and preparing it the day of your event. (Shhh…your guests will never know!) When it comes to drinks, you can never have too much wine! Make sure you have plenty of wine glasses and a wine opener handy. Aggieland Outfitters has a great selection of all things wine for your event! (Click here for some yummy nonalcoholic autumn drink recipes.)

Make your house smell like Thanksgiving!

Candles make a great finishing touch in your home! Light them a few hours before your guests arrive to have the whole house smelling wonderful. This pumpkin trifle candle is sure to make your whole kitchen smell delicious all night long. Candles look great on end tables or shelves, just keep them away from the serving area to avoid them getting knocked over!

The Perfect Music Playlist 

Create a holiday playlist that you can have ready to go when your guests arrive! Make sure you have a speaker that is fully charged for the night. It may be Thanksgiving, but no ones judging if you throw in a few Christmas songs to your playlist!

Creating more seating…

Sometimes you have to get a little creative with seating. Ask your friends beforehand if anyone has fold up chairs or tables they can bring to the event. You may want to rearrange some of your furniture to maximize the seating in your living space!

Don’t forget the finishing touches!

Before the night of your event, make sure you have the essentials such as tablecloths, dinnerware, and glasses! But almost more importantly…you can’t forget the decorations! Set up a fun photo booth that your guests can enjoy before the food is served. Top it off with some props and a sign that says “friendsgiving 2018.” You can also make a triangle banner and write “friendsgiving” on it – which will only have you out a few dollars. These few touches can make a huge difference for your Friendsgiving!

Save this Friendsgiving Checklist to your phone to use for your event!




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